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Building Homes, Creating Communities

What we do

We design and build ‘affordable housing’ – a bit of housing industry jargon which, in our case, means exactly what it says. We aim to make good quality housing affordable for everyone, whether you are buying or renting.

Our homes are usually sited alongside homes built by other builders. Your neighbours will probably own their own home or be buying it. We don’t operate estates full of rented housing.

We offer homes for affordable rent and shared ownership.

If you rent a home from us, you will find that we are a friendly and responsible landlord. We take care of issues such as maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about them – or about the costs.

We are committed to the idea of building communities as well as building homes.

We are also committed to helping working people to get onto – and then climb – the ‘property ladder’. We believe everyone should have the chance to rent or own a comfortable home that meets their needs.

 We offer advice and support in the process of coming to a decision about whether to rent or buy, how much you can afford, and which rental or purchase option is best for you. And, when you are ready to think about your next move, we also provide ongoing support to help you in your journey up the property ladder. Just give us a call.

 We may be able to help in other ways as well – for example, by providing advice on careers, training and employment.