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Building Homes, Creating Communities

Who we are

We’re something different. Not a traditional housing association, but an organisation with its roots in the house-building industry.

We aim to offer a range of homes to meet the housing needs of everyone from singles to families. And we also offer a range of financial options. These include affordable rent and shared ownership (where you buy part of the house, rent the rest, and maybe buy the bit you don’t own at a later date).

Our background means that we know a lot about housing. We build high quality homes in good locations. We use our knowledge to help you find the right home with the right financial arrangements.

Legally speaking, we are a ‘registered provider’ of affordable housing.

We are owned by The Larkfleet Group of Companies but are regulated by government agency Homes England. This means that we have had to pass strict tests to demonstrate our financial strength and our commitment to effective and responsible management and governance.


Swift Homes
Larkfleet House
Falcon Way
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